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Registered Office : G-152, Block 02, Near Khalid Bin Walid Road PECHS Colony, PECHS Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.
Plant Location : Plot No. X-22, Site Area Kotri.

Plant Configuration

1.Plant Size :
15-Mega WATT (MW)
2.De Rated Capacity :
11.9-Mega Watt (MW)
3.Parasitic Load :
350-Kilo Watt (KW)
4.Load Available for HESCO:
10-Mega Watt (MW)
5.Number of Units :
09 Units
6.Unit Size and Make :
CATERPILLAR 3516 1000 3-Sets 3000 KW
CATERPILLAR 3532 2000 6-Sets 12000 KW
Gross Capacity :
15000 KW
Date of Commissioning :
February 16, 2012

Fuel Use

Fuel Type :
Natural Gas
Fuel (Imported/Indigenous) :
Fuel Supply :

Plant Characteristics

Generation Voltage :
400 Volts
Frequency :
50 Hz
Power Factor :
0.80 Lagging
Metering Point :
The metering arrangement will be installed in a Separate room at interconnection point.
Metering System :
All meters and metering devices available at the metering point of the generation facility can be used for recording of energy to be supplied to HESCO. The accuracy class of meters will be 0.5.
Control and Instrumentations ensure :
All control instrumentations are provided to Safety according to the Prudent Electrical Practices.