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About Hi Tech


Work with strategy for quality satisfaction and to seek success with cooperation from customers

Who We Are

Hi-tech Pipe and Engineering Industries situated in sindh Industrial trade area Kotri, 160 km from Karachi. The state of the art pipe complex consists of about 200,000 sq. meter land area and about 90,000 sq. meters covered area with their own power generation facilities The Complex has largest production capacity of plastic steel and composite pipe manufacturing plants in pakistan.

What We Do

We delivering the life lines for water, energy, oil and gas sectors in the most efficient way by giving integrated solutions.

Company Profile:

To meet the increasing demand of Polyethylene (P.E) pipes and as import substitution Hi-Tech pipes and engineering industries has established two production units.

1. Kotri Sindh
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Year of established
hi tech hi tech

Sate of art most modern automation Sino-German technology is used in the machinery and equipments, producing world class, highest standard, and Hi-Tech P.E pipes. Strong dedication and commitments to produce international quality standard pipes, using the latest technology has made Hi-Tech as market leader and become the source of one-stop shopping solution.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading & largest manufacturer of Polyethylene (PE) pipe in Pakistan. We have ten (10) extrusion lines of Solid and Corrugated pipes, i.e. Nine (09) of Solid pipes & one (01) of corrugated pipe, besides two Injection molding machines for fittings manufacturing and multiple of other for Saddle fittings. Our company has vast range of production capabilities covering entire domestic requirements & neighboring countries market. Following is a brief about our production range.

Description Range of Production (Diameter) Production Capacity Per 24 hrs (ton) Location
Min (mm) Max (mm)
Machine # 1 50 250 12 Kotri
Machine # 2 50 250 12 Kotri
Machine # 3 250 450 18 Kotri
Machine # 4 315 630 24 Kotri
Machine # 5 630 1200 48 Kotri
Machine # 6 20 63 5 Kotri
Machine # 7 (Corrugated) 200 800 8 Kotri
Machine # 8 710 1200 30 Kotri
Machine # 9 1000 1600 30 Kotri
Machine # 10 500 800 24 Kotri
Injection Molding Machine #1 20 63 As per requirements Kotri
Injection Molding Machine #2 63 250 As per requirements Kotri
Saddle Fittings 63 1200 As per requirements Kotri
Butt Fusion Machine 25 1200 As per requirements Kotri


State of Art, most modern, Sino-German technology is used in the machinery and the equipments producing high standard HI-TECH PE pipe, meeting with all international standards including API 15 LE, DIN-8074 &75, ISO 4427 & 37 etc. Hi-Tech have in house testing Lab to inspect and tests pipe in accordance with all international standards.

We feel proud to announce that, in recognition of our high production standards, excellent quality and strict quality control system, Hi-Tech Pipe & Engineering Industries is the only company in Pakistan engaged in manufacturing of HDPE (Solid) pipe & Corrugated in all Nominal Pressures (PN) grade and SN respectively with PE-100 & PE-80, ranging from 20 mm to 1600 mm (OD) dia for Solid Pipe and HDPE Corrugated Pipe ranging from 200 mm to 800 mm (ID) dia, has been awarded with the accreditation and authorized to use their monograms on our products by most renowned and reputable institutes controlling specifications & standards for supply of products for oil, gas, portable  water, sewerage & storm water drainage distribution pipelines world over.

It is observed that, in typical soil, environmental conditions, narrow and difficult trenching circumstances pipes like, Steel, AC, GRP, UPVC and RCC are causing great problems not only on timely supply, but also causing difficulties in installations and severe leakages at joints etc.

It is internationally recognized and proved that, PE pipes have the solution of these above stated problems for water and sewerage pipeline systems, as PE pipes neither have corrosion nor effecting by heavily salty and marshy soil conditions, no leakages at joints, highly flexible and environment friendly, very convenient to repair, joint and to install in all difficult conditions.

Hi-Tech Pipe is coupled with most professional management and highly skilled personnel available for expert advice and to provide all solution pretends to pipeline systems, having Management, Quality Assurance, Technical Support, logistics and customer services at site.


  • Ensuring Satisfaction of Our Customers and all Other Stakeholders
  • Achieving the Right Quality, at the Right Cost, and at the Right   Time
  • Developing a Quality Management System which Facilitates Continuous Improvement through measurable quality objectives.
  • Conforming to all Legal, Regulatory and Ethical Dimensions of   Business.


  • Hi Tech market is the industrial & Public sectors and customers are located primarily in Pakistan.

  •  Price, quality and service are equally taken into consideration when customers are awarding new business. Contracts are most often awarded for the duration of the model year.

We have achieved number of appreciation certificates from our valued customers in recognition of our high quality services to them.

  • Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Ltd. (SNGPL)
  • Pakistan Defense Housing Authority (DHA)
  • Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KW&SB)
  • Water & Sanitation Authority (WASA) Quetta
  • Public Health Engineering Dept (Govt. of Sindh)
  • Water & Sanitation Authority (WASA) Hyderabad
  • Descon Engineering
  • Engro Chemical
  • IKAN Engineering
  • Hyderabad Development Authority (HDA)
  • Irrigation Department (Govt. of Sindh)
  • PHED, Punjab
  • Valley Irrigation Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Gawadar Development Authority
  • Bahria Town
  • Javedan Corporation Ltd.



We are committed to the enhancement of quality, customer services, employee relations, health and safety, training, vendor relations.

Hi Tech focuses on continuous improvement in two ways: long and short term goal setting. Our long term goals provide a framework for everything that happen at Hi Tech. These goals rarely change as they are the foundation of the Company.

Hi Tech short term goals are detailed and quantifiable. Senior management prepares next three year business and review strategy in the quarterly meetings. Annual company's goals (both financial and non-financial) are set at the start of year and monitored closely through out the year in Management review meetings.  Communication through out the organization is the key to the successful attainment of these goals. Once the goals are put in place, the management team set the strategic initiatives. It is these initiatives that provide entire company the roadmap necessary to reach the goals quickly, efficiently and effectively.

The ability to meet any goal is dependent upon the people involved. HI TECH is constantly striving to identify the better ways of rewarding its employees so that when HI TECH wins, everybody wins.

Feedbacks from our valued customers help HI TECH to identify areas of improvement.



HI Tech’s first rate abilities, facilities and employees provide the basis for an excellent future.

With a solid customer base to work with and key growth opportunities identified, HI TECH is in an excellent position to continue winning over the challenges that face the company and industry well into the constantly changing environment.


Out of many factories that I have visited, I found HI TECH as the best, well organized, efficient, quality controls, and the administration of this set up is doing a wonderful job.

Brig (R) Shah Rukh Nodhi